Ekky for Brekky

Ekky for Brekky


Eketahuna: They have their ways, these Ekkys. You might drive past, missing the place entirely. If drawn in, it must be by design. Welcome, then!  Pull up a chair — sure, that three legged one, trust me, it won’t fall over.  We like our local honey here, in the tea, on the toast. Ekky for brekky, we always say. Say when!  Don’t mind the pigs, they’re part of the family. The chooks? Yeah, everybody’s sweet on our Ekky.  Best way to start the day, man or beast.  Just sit back, take it easy. The world can wait — it always does. 

Brekky time? Relax. Always jar or two of Ekky, tucked away. $22 and we do all the work :))

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