The house? Oh yes, I designed it; Richard constructed. With my assistance, and the children, of course. We lived in the tent during — a glorious season!  The garden grew up around us, the goats kidded, flowers and bees befriended. How long has it been? We lose track of time here. Never a moment that some new thing isn’t in the works. That outdoor shower, how did we ever get on without it?  Or the truck, built from parts. One project or another, it comes along as the moment arises.  And yes, it all takes energy! We eat well; we grow well, no secrets there. But if you want an edge, here’s our thing:  Wild flower honey, from our own hives, our own friendly bees. A taste? Energize! 

(In case you don’t have a block with a hive or two, we’ll gladly send some of ours.)

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