Is honey better for you than sugar?

Is honey just runny sugar? Or does it have some other properties too, that make it good for you?

Here I am looking at what is in honey.

Honey is made from the nectar of the flowers of plants.

Nectar is the plant’s way of attracting pollinators - insects and birds - to it. The sugar in nectar is primarily sucrose. Sugar is a disaccharide, a double-molecule sugar made from one fructose molecule and one glucose molecule.

The bee gathers the nectar, stores it in its stomach, and brings it to the hive. After the bee has processed it, the sucrose breaks apart into fructose and glucose. Both these are easier for the body to process than sucrose.

But something else important happens in the bee’s stomach to the nectar.

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How is honey good for you?

So we’ve all heard the hype about manuka honey and its healing properties. But what about all other honeys? Is any honey good for you?

See the first post about what is in honey.

Honey has been used in healing ways since man’s (and woman’s more likely) early days on this earth. Even as recently as WW1 and WW2 honey was used for wound healing in the hospitals. And no, this is not manuka honey, as its special properties were not discovered till later. This is all honey. Any honey.

So what is it about honey that makes it good?

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