Is multifloral honey better for you?

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So we’ve discussed that honey is good for you. Check out the ways in these first posts here and here.

But is there a type of honey that is better than another type?

Well, each specialist honey type – say heather honey, or tupelo honey, or manuka honey has its fans.

But what about generic honey type? Is mono-floral honey better? Or is multi-floral honey better?

It would appear that multi-floral honey is better. Multi-floral honey is made from many flowers (multi-floral, see?).

And each flower type has its own special benefits. And when a hive of bees visits many different plants, the honey they create contains the benefits of all the flowers they have visited. So more flowers equals more benefits.

Single species honeys “tend to increase concentrations of one vitamin to the detriment of others” and “wildflower honeys generally have the largest overall concentration of vitamins.” (1)

The other interesting thing is that medicinal herbal plants have high concentrations of their special healing essences. And that these essences are also contained in their nectars.

And bees just looove medicinal and herbal plants. So the honey made from these traditional medicinal plants is also healing, and in the same ways as the original plants.

Isn’t that just magic?!

(1)  Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The secrets of ancient fermentation Stephen Harrod Buhner