Our honey

Honey from a range of plants can be better than from just one plant. The natural health medicines industry has long recognised these special relationships as highly beneficial to good health. You are getting the combined goodness of many properties.And these properties can interact to produce even more potent benefits.

It is believed that manuka honey has antibiotic properties and kanuka honey has anti-inflammatory properties. Imagine both in one package! Research has been readily available for manuka, but research is difficult to find for kanuka and other flowers.

Who knows what other naturally occurring benefits are available from all our natural/native forest species? Our best guess is that it is bound to be positive, and potent.

We champion the pure, raw, natural blends of honey.

We cream our honey to control the natural crystallisation process. Creaming allows the honey to crystallise with beautiful creamy soft crystals, and keeps the honey easy to spread. It is pure raw honey. It is not heat treated.

We think our honey is eating perfection, and we hope you think so too.